Places to Visit

Country Market

On the last Saturday of every month, Tarbert has a country market, where you can buy lots of fresh produce such as top quality meat, fish and vegetable produce.


Some of the places to visit:-

Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse It would be difficult to come to Kintyre without visiting this. The first light was erected here in 1788, but was rebuilt several times and is now fully automated.  Access is by 8 miles of twisting, single track road, from Southend, to the top of the cliffs above the Lighthouse. Cars have to be left here in the small car park and the journey continued on foot. The descent is very steep, dropping 1000 feet within three quarters of a  mile. The climb back up is even steeper!!

Saint Columba's Chapel It is believed that Saint Columba landed here in 563AD, on his way to Iona and the Chapel bears his name, through it was not built until the 1320's, probably on the site of an earlier church.  

Saint Columba's Footprints Overlooking the chapel, on top of the rocks are two footprints carved into the rock. One dates from the 19th century, while the other is ancient and may have had some significance in the ceremony to inaugurate a new king, as there is a similar carving at Dunadd Fort (the most important fortress in the Kingdom of Dalriada).

Dunadd Fort - Iron Age Hillfort Not exactly a megalithic walk but well worth a visit for the views alone and there are some stone carvings near the summit.  The site is a few miles south of Kilmartin and signed from the main road. It is on top of a rock outcrop that dominates the surrounding countryside that is a flat area of one of the few remaining peat bogs in Scotland and is now a nature reserve. This is considered one of the  most important Celtic sites in Scotland and was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Dalraida around 500AD. There is a deep hollow basin, like a giant cupmark and the shape of a footprint (size 6) clearly visible in the flat rock outcrop just below the summit.  These were thought to have been used in the inauguration ceremonies of the ancient kings.

Kilmartin Valley There are over 150 ancient sites in Kilmartin Valley including a stone circle, standing stones, cairns,  burial chambers and numerous carved stone sites.  Kilmartin House hosts a museum to the area of Kilmartin and the history of the ancient scots, it is well worth a visit.

Campbeltown Picture House Built in 1913, in a distinctive Art Nouveau Style, this is the earliest purpose built cinema in Scotland, and is probably the oldest surviving cinema still showing films.

Springbank Distillery This unique distillery is well worth a visit.  Since 1828 Springbank Distillery have been producing some of the finest whisky to touch human lips.  Tours of the distillery are available but strictly by  arrangement only.   Telephone:  01586 55 2085

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